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Wire Miracle Cleaning Cloths

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Color: Built-in Sponge(TOP)

Specification: 3 Pieces

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Magic Dishcloth Silver Wire Cleaning Kitchen Cloth

【Powerful Cleaning Effect】
Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags adopts advanced diamond grid weaving technology and high-quality metal wire materials to easily remove rust, stubborn oil stains and so on. It doesn't hurt the pot or your hands.
Microfiber dish cloth, scrub clean! Made of nylon material, it can be safely used on all kitchen surfaces: covering plates, POTS, pans, countertops and cooktops without scratching.
【Dry and Wet】
Fish scale fabric surface design, strong foaming, instant moisture absorption. You can wet a wire dish towel and use it to clean utensils, POTS, etc., or you can use it directly to clean grills, stoves, etc.
【Three-layer Design】
Different from other products in the market, our products use double-sided three-layer design. The middle layer is sponge, which absorbs water quickly and foams more, and both sides are mesh steel wire cloth, which is strongly removed, and innovative design can ensure effective cleaning.
【Easy to Clean, Durable】
Steel wire dishcloths can be rinsed directly with water. It is intended to be used repeatedly without deterioration or loss of effectiveness. It can go deep inside the container and easily wash away dirt.
【Widely Used】
These Dishwashing Rags can be used in all places that are prone to stubborn impurity such as the kitchen or bathroom, etc. It is suitable for all glass, cutlery, kitchenware and tile surfaces. Its efficient performance will make it a need for your kitchen.

Product Name: Magic Cloth
Size: 7.87*7.87inch / 20*20cm
Color: Silver
Material: Silver Polyester, Cotton
Style: Single Layer, Double Layer, Thickened Built-in Sponge
Applicable scenarios: Kitchen, Bathroom, Wardrobe, Living Room, etc.

Package Included:
Magic Cloth x 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 PCS



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