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Smart Toothpaste Dispenser: Automatic Sensor, Wall Mounted, 3 Modes

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Color: black

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Automatic infrared induction toothpaste squeezing machine
Essential for household use, wall mounted toothpaste dispenser
To squeeze toothpaste, please gently press
For use by children and adults
Paired with high-quality UV disinfection toothbrush holder
1. Automatic sensing, 2. HD Digital Display, 3. Cycle Purification
4. Long-lasting Battery Life 5. Power display
Enjoy us and fill our lives with High-class sense
Simple, efficient, hygienic, and safe!

- 3-mode toothpaste extrusion,quantitative extrusion of toothpaste, without wasting toothpaste,
First gear is suitable for children, second gear is suitable for teenagers, and third gear is suitable for adults
-Food grade materials
-Intelligent automatic detection and fast response
-Detachable cleaning water, do not clean the entire machine
-Long term standby, can be used 500 times when fully charged
-Adjustable multiple gears, no need to worry about waste
-Soft and elastic interface, with a wide range of applications

Product color: white, green,black
Product materials: abdominal muscles, PS, PC, silicon
Product include:
Automatic Sensor Toothpaste Dispenser * 1
UV disinfection toothbrush holder * 1

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