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Portable Coffee Maker

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Introducing our JavaJet Portable Manual Espresso Maker - Enjoy the Perfect Shot Anywhere!

Enjoy your favorite espresso without the need for batteries or cords with our easy-to-use manual espresso maker. It's perfect for travel, camping, or on-the-go use - giving you the freedom to make exceptional espresso wherever you are.

Travel-Friendly and Compact:

Designed for convenience, our portable espresso maker is lightweight and easy to carry. Its compact size makes it a great travel companion, fitting easily into your bag or backpack.

Fresh Espresso, Your Way:

No more settling for instant coffee! Our manual espresso maker lets you brew a perfect shot using fresh ground coffee. Plus, it works with any type of ground coffee, so you can customize your espresso to your liking.

Durable and Easy to Use: Crafted with quality materials, our espresso maker is built to last. The foldaway handle adds to its portability, making it simple to use during your outdoor adventures or travel trips or even right at home.

Experience the joy of a great espresso wherever you go. Order our Portable Manual Espresso Maker now and elevate your coffee experience on the move and anywhere!

Simple and Easy to use:

1. Add ground coffee to the filter cup
2. Insert filter cup into main body and attach outlet head
3. Add hot water to top cup and attach to body
4. Release and pump piston several times
5. Walah! Fresh, wonderful espresso!

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