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Noise Reduction Camera

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Bundle: ONLY Camera

ONLY Camera
With WiFi Camera
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camera lens Rotatable lens,180degrees
TFT display screen 1.3 inch color display (240*240)
Video resolution 1920*1080P、1280*720P
Video file forma AVI
Picture quality 1M、2M、3M
Photo format JPG
Cyclic recording Off, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes
white balance Auto, sunlight, cloudy day,tungsten lamp,fluorescent lamp
Exposure compensation 2、1、0、-1、-2
motion detection technology Off,on
Recording function Off,on
Time mark Off,on
keypad tone Off,on
automaticshut-down Off, 1 minute, 3 minutes
battery capacity 1200mAh
Battery type li polymer
battery voltage 3.7V
Ac frequency 50Hz、60Hz
Automatic screen closing Off, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10minutes
Volume setting off、0-7
Recording file format WAV
formatting Support(Cancel.Confirm)
Recalibration system Support(Cancel.Confirm)
Working humidity 30%
Working temperature -25°/+75°
supply electricity USB voltage 5V, current >1A. Battery 3.7V (battery welding is not detachable)
Standby current Shutdown <5.61MA
Low electric prompt 3.53V
Power consumption BAT3.7V/≤ 233mA /≤0.86W USB5V/≤ 549mA (infrared+video recording) /≤2.74W
memorv card TF card, maximum support 128G.
product size 97.6*31.7*18.7mm
Net weight of product 54.3g
Full set weight 150g


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