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Instant Posture Corrector

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Instant Posture Corrector


A new world of environmental protection, easy to wash without hurting the skin, care for the family for a lifetime!


Why choose our products:

1.Our products are made of environmentally friendly materials, have no irritating odor, and more suitable for the skin. Protect the health of you and your family

2.The design adopts the principle of ergonomics, and the product will automatically adjust the fit according to the situation of the human spine, making it comfortable to wear

3.The product can be worn for one year without special circumstances, and the ordinary product can be worn for 2 weeks at US$5, and the price/performance ratio is relatively best.


Answer the buyer question

1.would using this also help get rid of my neck hump?
Our posture correction belt can improve the neck hump by opening the shoulders and straightening the chest and back


2.How to determine the size? The description is not clear.

Under normal circumstances, the size should be judged based on the data of height, weight and bust circumference. The bust circumference is the first judgment data, followed by the height or weight. If you are not sure, you can contact customer service to give you accurate data

Material:Polyester 100%  Pitch: 15x15mm Aperture: 1.8mm


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